The Black Father in America Has a Difficult Task Ahead. Here’s Why.

Ever since our childhood we are taught that a family is composed out of a mother, a father, and children. The family should be an organized and balanced system in which harmony, respect, trust, and friendship should dwell. Each parent has a role that cannot be replaced by the other parent, although some tasks could be accomplished by both of them. While there are many single-parented families throughout the United States and many children are raised relatively successful, such a family will never be fully functional. The role of a father is extremely important within his family, so if you are a father, you should be aware of the fact that your family needs you. You are the main pillar for your entire family.

Since a very long time in the past, African-American families were very well-structured, every parent having a clear role in the family. Usually, the father was the figure of authority and financial stability, being the one responsible to provide for his family, while the mother was in charge of taking care of the children and household. But besides setting rules and keeping things in order, a father was also a source of wisdom, encouragement, and maturity. Children used to learn from him what they have to do to become successful adults, also getting ready to become reliable parts in their future families as well. This still happens in some African-American families, but most of them tend to be torn apart by the insecurities and violence that are present in the modern society, aggravated by a government that doesn’t seem to care much.

As a black father, it is hard to inspire safety and security to his family if the police for instance, the authority that should watch over us, uses brutality that targets black people predominantly in recent times. How can you explain to your children why such things exist, while trying not to stir fear in their hearts as they look up toward their future? Even though we may live though times, as we may risk being brutalized and even shot by authorities due to misinterpretation and lack of benevolence, fathers should try and to their best not to forget that they still have an important role to play. We are stunned to see that many African-American young people end up being locked in a jail, the majority of these young people making the wrong decisions in life because they lacked a fatherly figure to guide them. Yes, being a father is this important, as it can keep your kids out of trouble and on a good path toward their adulthood, especially these days when tolerance and kindness are still far from being an everyday occurrence.

By being there for your family, especially for your children, providing them the support their need and sharing them your knowledge and wisdom, you can take them one step closer to having a better life. As a father, you can give them the reassurance they need to be confident in their strengths and capabilities, so they can make the right choices in life. Every family needs a father, because both his lack and his presence has a great impact on the evolution of the family, although one in a negative manner and one in a positive manner.

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