Weekend Activity Tip #1:What’s The Monster?


Location: The Park

Ages: 2-8 years old

Activity: The monster

Sometimes to have a good time money isn’t necessary, just a little creativity. Locate the jungle gym area of the park. Use your imagination to turn yourself into the monster of your choice. You have to fully commit to the character to get the most out of the activity. Tell the kids to hide in the jungle gym while you count to 10. After the countdown, walk around the jungle gym at a steady pace to give the illusion that you are chasing them, remember the more animated you are the better. Think- The hulk or Jason from Friday the 13th, anyone you think your kids may consider scary. Each kid you catch turns into a monster with you. You guys then go after the remaining kids until everyone has been caught. The game works best if it’s 3 kids or more. Feel free to comment and share!!

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