Allen Allensworth: Founder of the First all Black Community in California

Allen Allensworth served as a Buffalo Soldier and rose to become the highest-ranking black military officer of his time. Colonel Allensworth fought in the Civil War, the Spanish-American War and in the Philippines prior to being stationed at both Angel Island and the Presidio in San Francisco.

In 1908 he founded Allensworth, CA in hopes of creating an all-black community independent of the white power structure at the time. Allensworth is in Tulare County, 30 miles outside of Bakersfield, Ca.

The black settlers there built houses, laid the streets as well as constructed the buildings they needed. To date, Allensworth is the only California community that was founded, financed and governed by African-Americans.

Colonel Allensworth was killed in 1914 by a motorcycle while crossing the street, he was 72 years old. Today the downtown portion of the community still remains as Colonel Allensworth historic park. 









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