The Housewives League of Detroit: Women Empowering Their Community

The Housewives’ League of Detroit was founded in 1930 by Fannie P. Peck. By 1935 the Detroit league grew to over 12,000 members who were divided into 16 neighborhood units.

The league was formed to combat the lack of blacks being hired by businesses that had no problem taking their money. The league helped create over 70,000 jobs for blacks, both men & women.

During the 1930’s great depression, northern blacks organized and strategized to make their condition’s more livable.

They started several campaigns aimed at requiring white store owners to hire black employees. A junior unit was started in 1935 to get the children of ages 6-15 years old involved in the movement.

In 1946, high school and college kids were given an opportunity to start their own unit. The housewives league of Detroit is a good example of what can be done with a little unity.















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