The Legacy of Don H. Barden: The First Black Casino Owner in Las Vegas

Don H. Barden was the creator of the first African American owned cable franchise in the United States and the largest at the time. At its height, Barden Cablevision which was established in 1982 had 120,000 subscribers. Mr. Barden’s empire started with a record store in Lorain, Ohio that he opened with $500.00 savings at 21 years old.

After selling his shares of Barden Cablevision to Comcast for a reported $300 million, he used the proceeds from the sale to open the Majestic Star, a riverboat casino in Gary, IN. In 2001, he opened the first black casino in Las Vegas with the purchase of the Fitzgerald. Mr. Barden lived until the age of 67 years old finally losing his battle with lung cancer in 2011. Mr. Barden’s life is proof that anything can be done through hard work and determination.
















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