Meet Mary Fields aka Stagecoach Mary: America’s First Black Female Postal Worker

Many black women have done great things throughout history. However, few are aware of one Mary Fields or Stagecoach Mary as she was frequently called, a female stagecoach driver in the state of Montana who became known in the 1800s for becoming the first black women in history to drive a United States mail route.

Stagecoach Mary decided to take this position at the tender age of 60 years old, even agreeing to deliver mail in dangerous parts of town that were well known for having thieves and wolves. None of this scared Mary, not only was she a tall woman who weighed over 200 pounds and loved to brawl but she was also known to carry multiple guns on her route. Mary also had an entrepreneurial spirit owning several restaurants throughout Montana, Wyoming, Alberta, and Canada.









Mary Fields (1832-1914)





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