The Treaty of Granada: A Brief Look at the Moors Involvement in the Creation of Thanksgiving

At this point, most Melanated people in this country understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Our platform is based on parenting and being equipped with accurate information that you can present to your children.  Although the history books tell a story of pilgrims and Indians feasting together in celebration upon the Mayflowers arrival at Plymouth Rock on December 11th, 1620 which we all know was more like a massacre than a feast. Today, I am going to tell you a different story about the start of Thanksgiving. In 711 A.D. the Moors( African people) invaded the Iberian Peninsula and took over Spain and ruled for 800 years. The Catholic/Christian Monarchs didn’t like this and would embark on a series of wars called the “Christian Crusade Wars” to get their land back.


Finally, in 1491 under the rule of the Catholic Monarch Isabella & King Ferdinand, the Moors were defeated and it officially ended at the Battle of Granada. On November 25th(That’s why Thanksgiving is the last Thursday of the month) they surrendered and signed the treaty of Granada. The devouring of a turkey on Thanksgiving day is symbolic for the defeat of the Turkish Moors, who they would mockingly call “Turkeys”. So enjoy this day with your family, eat a great meal, have some good conversations, but never forget what your ancestors went through to make this day possible.










Africans in America should not celebrate Thanksgiving Day

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