David Walker: A Revolutionary Writer

When we talk about the melanated men that have risked their lives for our freedom many names come to mind, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr, Marcus Garvey, Medgar Edgars just to name a few.

However, a name that doesn’t get mentioned enough is David Walker an outspoken Melanated man who would rise to become a fierce abolitionist and writer.

In 1829, while living in Boston, Mass he created and circulated a pamphlet titled “Appeal” which was basically a plea for black liberation.

Walker believed all people of African descent should be free, by any means necessary stating “Any man not willing to fight for his freedom, deserves to remain in chains”. In his writings, Walker would condemn racism and the enslavement of African people worldwide. 


His pamphlet became so effective that the state of Georgia put a bounty on his head to stop the publication, offering $10,000 if brought in alive and $1,000 if dead.

In 1831, Walker would mysteriously die for unknown reasons.

Many people say he died fighting for our freedom, some say the white supremacist caught him and collected on that $1,000 reward.

How he died? we may never know, but how he lived is what’s important. He spoke up for his people, by any means necessary.  











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