What’s The Scenario?: Giving Friendly Advice

You and Tameka have been friends for years. Like a lot of Melanated youth, she didn’t have her father around and that resentment for him has followed her into adulthood. Now that you guys are almost 25 years old, Tameka has 2 kids with two different men, neither of which she has ever been in a relationship with and she doesn’t seem to have a problem with that. You notice when Tameka gets upset with her children’s father’s she not only uses the kids as pawns to get what she wants but speaks very disrespectfully about the men in front of her kids.  As a friend, you have spoken to her about this but your advice has fallen on deaf ears. While taking her kids to school, you noticed something: they are taking on that same disrespectful demeanor that their mother displays while talking to their fathers.


What advice would you offer your friend?

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