Meet Annie Malone: America’s First Black Millionaire

Trying to figure out the correct way to manage our hair has been a healthy topic in the Melanated community for years.

With men and women, it can be a struggle, most of the hair care products you find in the store today are not made for ethnic hair types, and that’s just a reality we have to deal with.

Annie Malone was aware of this in the early 1900s and wanted to make a difference creating “Wonderful hair grower” which was her line of non-damaging hair straighteners, special oils, and hair stimulant products for Melanated women.

In 1902, Ms.Malone and three of her assistants would walk door to door selling her products. Her products became so popular that she was able to open a school for Melanated women in 1918.

The name of the school was “Poro college” training them to become certified beauticians and barbers, the college was located in North St Louis, Mo.

By the late 1930s, Ms. Malone was able to achieve the status of becoming the first black millionaire in this country. Annie Malone’s life and career is a testament to what can be done when you create your own reality.



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