Three Strikes Your Out: A Brief Look at The 1994 Crime Bill

1989, Probably Folsom, California, USA --- Man in Prison Cell --- Image by © Ed Kashi/CORBIS

When attempting to understanding how the Melanated community in this country has been so adversely affected by the criminal justice system, there are many places one could look for proof of the government’s involvement.

In 1992, when Bill Clinton was running for president the Melanated community was in shambles. Thousands of factory jobs that once employed many people in low-income communities were now being moved overseas in search of cheaper labor.

Not to mention, the government induced crack epidemic was at an all-time high, leaving the children of crack-addicted parents to fend for themselves. Without a stable home environment and their day to day needs not being met, many young Melanated teens in this situation would resort to surviving the only way the environment allowed: Selling drugs. 

In 1994, Bill Clinton would sign the now infamous,$30 billion dollar crime bill that created dozens of new federal capital crimes and mandated life sentence’s for three-time felony offenders, to make matters worst he allocated $16 billion dollars to build new federal prisons and help expand all police forces around the country.

During Bill Clinton’s eight-year presidency he would go on to incarcerate more Melanated people than any other president in history. Now, it’s important to note that at this time he was dubbed the “first black president” because he went on Arsenio Hall with a saxophone and didn’t mind getting his dick sucked the old fashion way. It’s important for Melanated people in this country to know when we are dealing with a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The ripple effects of those policies can still be felt throughout our community today.








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