The End Of The Year Evaluation Series: Character Based Progress Report

When you are a student in school, one of the ways your progress is evaluated is by issuing a progress report. It basically tells you where you stand academically. We recommend establishing the same type of report for your child but strictly based on character. Let me give you an example: Create four to five categories based on what your child struggled with the prior year(i.e honesty, punctuation, attitude, laziness etc). Create an end of the year grade for all of the categories you listed. Have a discussion with your child about how they can realistically improve these areas of their lives. Once the new year starts, review the list every three months (quarterly) to determine where your child measures. If the improvement isn’t satisfactory began attacking each area individually and removing the things out of their lives that may be distracting them(i.e cell phone, hair, makeup, video game, social life etc). More than anything this process will show your child that you are interested and serious about their personal development. 


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