The Black American Hustler: Hero or Villain?

When most immigrant groups arrived in this country( I.e. Italian, Irish, Asian etc)  they were placed at the bottom of the social economic landscape.

With few opportunities available and a minimal amount of resources at there disposal, many would turn to a life of crime to feed their families, operating under the nose of the dominant white society.

Once the government noticed how destructive these groups could be to themselves as well as others, they stepped in to either provide them with the necessary resources or in the case of the Italians and Irish, changed there classification to white.

Ultimately, this assistance would clear the way for these groups to accumulate generational wealth for there families. Now, when we talk about the American Black man and women’s experience in this country, the situation is much different. In my opinion, adequate resources have never been given to the Black community.

Affirmative Action and other Minority-based initiatives have always benefited other groups more than us. Growing up, I remember witnessing several members of my family and friends turn to the drug trade for the necessary resources to support our families.

When I think back to the young men in my neighborhood, most of there situations had one thing in common: Economic Deprivation. Most of the young black men in this country who operate on the other side of the law are doing so out of necessity.

Without the proper foundation, it would be difficult for any child in this society to prosper. As I’ve gotten older it has become much easier to put what I have seen in perspective. As a child, you’re told to complete several levels of schooling, once that’s complete your required to go ask someone for a job, keyword being ask.

You see, I think all of us need to take a page out of the Black American Hustlers Handbook. The ability to survive in society without relying on the dominant white society is a skill that shouldn’t be taken lightly, In my opinion, the independently courageous spirit that a hustler has is what’s necessary to move our people towards liberation. 

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