The End Of The Year Evaluation Series: The Accountability Report

In American culture, creating a New Years resolution has become synonymous with a new beginning, a way to start over if you will. Most people create a list of objectives that they want to accomplish without factoring in what has prevented those things from happening so far.

So, this year we recommend doing things a little bit differently. Instead of a resolution, we are going to create an accountability report, based solely how you fared last year in the areas you consider important in your life. Doing this will help you take a deeper look at what’s holding you back, which is extremely necessary if you want to move forward in a constructive manner.

Make a list of maybe two or three area’s of your life that need improvement. Take a thorough look at how well you performed those areas last year and give yourself a realistic grade. As we move into the new year, review the list you made every three months to ensure improvements are being made. Remember, the purpose of this process is to become proficient at holding yourself accountable.


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