Gabriel Prosser: A Rebel With A Cause

When you look at the snitching culture that permeates black society, unfortunately, what your witnessing isn’t a new phenomenon. In the 19th century, when the slave trade was a huge part of the American economy, several insurrections were attempted around the country.

However, the reason many of them wouldn’t see the light of day was simple: The Informant. Instead of joining the revolt and fighting for their freedom, many slaves found it easier to ruin the whole thing by providing details to their masters about a planned insurrection. One situation that comes to mind is the story of Gabriel Prosser, a 24-year-old rebel slave. The success of the Haitian Revolution inspired him so much that he decided to take action.

In 1800, after months of planning, Prosser decided to lead a slave revolt against the city of Richmond, VA. He put together a strategic plan for the revolt but horrible weather conditions forced him to reschedule. Once that happened, two Richmond slaves, Tom and Pharaoh informed their masters about Prosser’s plan.

It was said that Prosser had over 1,200 slaves ready to do anything necessary to free themselves. Of course, once captured, he was tried, convicted and ultimately executed for revolting for his freedom. The moral of the story is when Melanated people don’t see the benefit of unifying, we all suffer.






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