What’s The Scenario?: The Case of The Troubled Teenager

Carmen is a 33-year-old mother of two. Her son Micheal, who has just turned 15 years old has been giving her disciplinary problems ever since he was a child, especially with authority figures. Whether it was getting sent home from school all the time or disrespecting a family member, he has always found a way to keep himself in trouble. To make matters worse, he does not have a relationship with his father who lives in the same city as he does. He never seemed to interested in sports or any other extracurricular activities. Recently Carmen realized he has been hanging with the wrong crowd and he has become so secretive she doesn’t know what he’s involved in. Fearing that her son may end up on a destructive path that can lead to jail or even worse, an early grave. She wants to do something to help him.


What advice would you offer Carmen?


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