Sarah Spencer Washington: A True Business Women & Entrepreneur

Without a doubt, there is definitely an entrepreneurial spirit necessary to flourish in business. Since melanated people arrived on U.S. soil, there has been a countless number of men who made the decision to work for themselves instead of for someone in the dominant society.

I think it’s important to note that throughout that time many of the people who made huge efforts to liberate and empower our community were women.

One woman that comes to mind is Sarah Spencer Washington. In 1913, after moving to Atlantic City, NJ  from Virgina she noticing a lack of diversity in the Hair Salon’s she would frequent on a regular basis.

Instead of complaining about the situation she decided to take matters into her own hands by opening her own Hair Salon, she later expanded the business into a school, teaching women in the community about the details surrounding the Hair Business.

In 1920, Mrs. Washington would make the ultimate boss move by founding Apex news and Hair Company. Not only did she have a lab to make her products but the school itself would grow to over 35,000 students in 12 states. Mrs. Washington would go on to start many businesses based out of the communities needs.

When the golf courses in Atlantic City didn’t allow melanated people to golf she opened her own that allowed people of all races to enjoy the experience. Until her death in 1953, she would continue to fight for equal treatment for the melanated people of Atlantic City.







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