Weekend Activity Tip #15: Family Cooking Night

Family preparing healthy lunches --- Image by © Artiga Photo/Corbis

Location: At Home.

Activity: Cooking with your family.

Age: 4 and up.

Cost: That will be based on the meal you decide to cook.


As we grow older, having the ability to prepare a balanced and healthy meal is essential. One way to get your children comfortable with the patience and precision necessary to cook a balanced meal in the kitchen is set up what we call: Family cooking night. This will create a fun and pressure-free environment, which will be key to helping them learn. Not only should your children be involved in selecting the food you’re going to cook but also in the preparation process( I.e seasoning meat, cutting potatoes, dicing onions etc.). You should also allow them to monitor the temperature of the food while it’s cooking, as well taste testing for correct seasoning. This will make your children feel completely involved in the process, which will make them much more willing to do it again and try new foods.  Don’t forget to have fun and take pictures!!

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