What’s The Scenario?: Self-Inflicted Baby Mama Drama

Steve is 23 years old. He has 2 children with 2 different women. At this point, he isn’t in a relationship with either woman. However, from time to time he’s still involved with them sexually, which causes alot of confusion. Steve still lives at home with his mom and hasn’t had a consistent job in a couple years.


Both women make it difficult for him to see his kids. Based not only on his financial instability but the fact that he hasn’t reached the maturity level necessary to be in a productive relationship with either women. Steve doesn’t seem to understand that his lack of responsibility has led him down a dangerous path. Recently, his mother informed him that he has to move out of her house. To make matters worse, a letter from the department of child support came in the mail requesting his presence in court.


What advice would you offer Steve???

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