What’s The Scenario?: The Cost Of Following Your Dreams

Deon is a 17-year-old high school senior. He has been a five-star Football player since his freshman year, receiving several offers from prominent colleges around the country. Playing for a division 1 Football program has been his goal since he was a child. Recently, a girl he was intimate with at a party informed him that she was pregnant, and you guessed it, he’s the father.

After receiving the results of the paternity test, Deon realized he had some tough decisions to make. Initially, he wanted to go away to college, now he wasn’t so sure. To add insult to injury, his newfound baby mother is already attempting to use the child as a pawn, threatening to move away and keep his baby from him if he doesn’t stay. Deon feels like leaving his small city and going to a big college is the only way he will be successful. However, he had to deal with not having his father around as a child and he didn’t want that for his kid.


What Advice Would You Offer Deon?


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