What’s The Scenario?: Different Home, Different Rules

Jason is a 26-year-old father of two. After a short stint in a serious relationship with his children’s mother, they decided it was best just to be friends.  At this point, Jason gets his kids every weekend, and the remaining time they live with their mother. During his time on the weekends Jason does his best to establish rules and structure in his home. He believes structure goes a long way in building a child’s character.

The only problem is, when they go back home with their mother, things change. It seems as if everything he teaches them goes undone. He has had lengthy conversations with her about the importance of establishing rules and sticking to them. Even though she agrees that these things are important to her as well, it’s become obvious that their not.

Because Jason’s children are at their mother’s house more, they are beginning to adapt to her way of doing things. Jason is beginning to get worried because he can see the differences in their attitudes as well as their performance in school. 


What Advice Would You Offer Jason??

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