Melanin: What Makes Black People Black! By: Llaila Afrika

Too truly find peace within yourself there is a spiritual journey that must take place. A big part of that journey requires first properly identifying who you are, as melanated people who live in the United States, we have had several different labels placed on us.

In my opinion, when we look at these labels, whether it be colored, black or African American, we are looking at social constructs meant to confuse and control the masses. So, for the first installment of our book of the month, we recommend reading: Melanin: What Makes Black People Black! By Dr. llaila Afrika  

Dr. Afrika, who is a Doctor of Naturopathy, lecturer, nutritional consultant, and historian has been teaching people how to be healthy for over 27 years. In this book, he does a masterful job of simplifying a rather complex subject matter. However, even when simplified, you still may need a dictionary to understand some of the terminology used.

With the book only being 65 pages, you may benefit from reading it multiple times. Simple put, melanin is the natural chemical that makes Black peoples skin Black. Dr. Afrika talks about practical uses for melanin and how it works in our body. He also explains what makes people with high amounts of melanin different from others. This is definitely a great read for anyone looking to get a basic understanding of melanin.

Cost: $9.99 on Amazon.

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