Hannibal Barca: The Greatest War General of Ancient Times (Video)

Born in 247 B.C., in North Africa. Hannibal Barca was known for being one of the greatest army generals of ancient times. Hannibal’s father was a military general as well. However, he would suffer several humiliating defeats against the Roman Empire’s army. Because of this, Hannibal vowed to keep the Roman Empire as a lifelong enemy.

Hannibal would become the leader of the Carthaginian army at 26 years old. His greatest achievement came in the 2nd Punic war when he traveled through the dangerous alps, choosing to attack by land since Rome controlled the sea.

He passed through the mountain alps with 50,000 infantry, 9,000 Calvary, and 37 African elephants. The key component to Hannibal’s army was the African Elephants which he had complete control over, using them to cause panic within the Roman Army.

The battle of Cannae was Hannibal’s finest work as a general using military tactics not heard of at the time. That war resulted in Rome losing between 50,000 and 70,000 men in the battle, with Hannibal only losing 4,000.










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