Weekend Activity Tip #20: Having the “Talk” with your Adolescent Child

Activity: Talking with your adolescent child.

Location: Wherever you feel comfortable 

Cost: Time

Ages: 10 years old or older

As we watch our children grow, it’s important that we equip them with the knowledge necessary to operate in this new world. Living in a society controlled by technology, combine that with everybody’s need for instant gratification and you end up with a recipe for disaster.

A young person without the proper guidance can easily find themselves in an unfortunate situation. So, this Weekend start the conversation with your son/daughter.

Historically, when having these “talks” with our children, the main topic would be sex. However, that’s not the case in 2018. In my opinion, the talk today needs to include a host of other topics like drugs, online etiquette, politics, the influence of entertainers and whatever else you feel would benefit your child specifically.

Of course, for this to be truly effective the “Talk” you have with your child should be an ongoing thing as they move through life encountering new experiences.

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