Family Building 101: Selecting the Right Partner

Think back to when you started dating, did you know what you were looking for? When we look at the narrative surrounding selecting someone to be in a relationship with, were told the same thing: Find a “good” women, or if your a women, find a “good” man.

We are told these things without anyone providing the proper context needed to understand that statement properly. In my opinion, finding someone that your compatible with first requires a thorough understanding of who you are.

Far too often, we place unrealistic expectations on people we date based on our own agenda, which in most cases lead to disappointment. So, before jumping into a serious relationship we should all take the necessary time to get to know ourselves.

Our community is flooded with people who have decided to have children, yet never took the time to develop a meaningful relationship.  What we don’t take into consideration is how the uncertainty of that relationship can affect the child.

In my opinion, a child shouldn’t be conceived if the parent’s arent in a stable adult relationship with plans on remaining together. But Of course, all of this goes back to one thing: Selecting the right partner.

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