Strength; Wisdom & Courage: The Raymond Hatcher Interview (Audio)

Sometimes, in order to get to where we want to go in life, stepping outside of our comfort zone is part of the process.
That was exactly the case for our Spotlight Father of the week, Sacramento, Ca Business Owner Raymond Hatcher.
During our Interview, we were able to discuss his childhood, his relationship with his father & the concept behind his Clothing Company, Golden Tusk Clothing!!!


So, talk to us about the Dynamics of your household growing up??

Well, my childhood was probably just as normal as any other kid. Growing up in my neighborhood, I lived with my mother and my grandmother as well as my two sisters until my 4 other siblings came. Everyone around the neighborhood was basically family so my childhood was pretty fun.

I enjoyed myself, it wasn’t until I got a little older that I started to get caught up in the streets a little bit.

So you mention living with your mom and grandmother. Was your dad in your life??

I lived with my pops until I was around 5 years old, then I wanted to move with my mom. My mom and my dad were all from the same neighborhood so we lived right around the corner from each other. So, I was back and forth between my mom and my dad’s.

I enjoy being at my mom’s house more, so I told my pops that’s where I wanted to live. That’s how I ended up living with my mom and my grandma.

Growing up, how was your relationship with your father??

It was good. Not too long after I moved in with my mom he moved to Chico, CA and started a new life.  I really didn’t see him too much after that it wasn’t until I was maybe 14 or 15 years old. At that point, he moved from Chico, CA to Reno, NV and then I started to go out there and visit him and my little brothers.

Since then, I’ve been back and forth,  and I see him a lot. Growing up, I would say that I saw him enough to love him and respect him as my pops. When he initially moved to Chico, Ca he missed some years of my life, we may have had a few conversations over the phone, but he was definitely gone for some years.          

So, in your father’s absence, who were some of your male role models?

Well as a kid my celebrity role model was Michael Jordan. He’s the reason why I love the game basketball and I loved playing growing up.

I played basketball when I was in elementary and in junior high school. Unfortunately, when you don’t have that male role model in the house with you to show you right from wrong, your male influences start to become the older guys in the neighborhood.

I completely understand what you’re saying. That is the reality for a lot of youth in our community. Let’s talk business for a moment. Tell us about your clothing line Golden Tusk Clothing.

I came up with the idea for Golden Tusk Clothing from life experiences, things that I went through, things that I’m still going through. Understanding that everybody goes through challenges in life I wanted my brand to be for anybody, no matter the color. If you have a goal and you’re going down that path to get it, my brands for you.

In life, there are going to be challenges and roadblocks that try to keep you from getting to where you want to go. If you do your research on the elephant, it represents a lot of positive things; such as strength, power, wisdom as well as longevity. The elephant uses their tusks not only to protect themselves and their young but also to move things out of their way.

If they’re trying to get somewhere and something is in their way, they use their tusk. I wanted my brand to be for anyone that’s going down the right path in life and not allowing obstacles to stand in their way. It’s important to be able to knock down those walls that are preventing you from being successful. Anyone who does that has a Golden Tusk. 

That makes perfect sense. Talk to us about what motivated you to want to start your own business??

Well, I’ve been wanting to start my own clothing line for a while. To be honest, I have a bad habit of convincing myself that my ideas aren’t going to work. I would think that nobody was going to like it, or it was going to fail. It wasn’t until I had to go sit down for a couple of years in the federal penitentiary.

While I was there, I got more in tune with myself. When you have time to think it gives you the opportunity to figure out what you want to do.  I had to realize that failure is not the end of the world, failure is just an experience and you learn from experiences. Also, I had to have more confidence in myself. When I got out and came home I got a job working for a construction company.

I was doing that for a while and with construction, once it starts raining, the jobs slow down. At that point, when there weren’t any jobs, I didn’t want to sit on my hands and do nothing, so I decided to just get a few shirts done. They actually did pretty well. So, once I sold my first few shirts, I caught the bug(laughs) I was like okay I got to keep doing this. 

It feels good when you come up with an idea and people like it. I’ve been getting some compliments for my brand and I appreciate that. People have been asking me to do a woman’s clothing line, so we started doing that recently. My wife has been handling the women line and now she got the bug too (laughs).

Starting a business can definitely be an exciting time and it sounds like you really enjoy the process. Ok, last question. If you could give advice to a young dude that comes from our community who wants to turn his life around, what would you tell him?

I will tell him to make that move. If your spirit is telling you it’s time to make a change, listen to your spirit man. Because that’s actually the man upstairs telling you to slow down.

I would also tell him not to be afraid to step out the box. There are a lot of cats out here that are scared to step out that box, they are afraid of what’s on the other side. Don’t be afraid to be your own man. Who cares what the next man thinks, do your thing man. Once you find your lane, get in it and go.


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