40 Million Dollar Slaves: By William C. Rhoden

When Colin Kaepernick decided to kneel for the national anthem, it literally divided the country in two.

With a large portion of the country disgusted over what they considered a disrespectful act towards the military, with the other half of the country sympathizing with melanated people over the ongoing unfair treatment at the hands of the United States Government.

Even though many people preferred if athletes remained apolitical. Unfortunately, politics, as well as race, has always found a way into sports. Lucky for you, we have the perfect book to help give you more perspective on this subject.

Written by author William C. Rhoden, 40 Million Dollar Slaves gives a detailed account of the relationship between some of our favorite black athletes and the white power structure that created them.

Rhoden, details how the black athletes “evolution” has merely been a journey through literal plantations where sports were introduced as a diversion to deter future revolutionary acts.

He also details what he calls the “conveyer belt” which routinely takes kids from economically deprived areas and send them to big schools away from their roots which leaves them open to being exploited by coaches and team owners.

This is a great read for all sports fans as well as anyone interested in learning the history of the black athlete in this country.


Cost: $7.51 on Amazon.com

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