What’s The Scenario?: Interacting With Law Enforcement

Tameka is a 42-year-old mother of two boys. Her oldest son Michael is 22 years old and her youngest son Timothy is 16 years old.

Recently, in the city she lives in the police killed an unarmed black teenager while he was going to school and no one has been punished for the crime.

Tameka is well aware of the horrible history the black community has with law enforcement as well as the systematic inequities that fuel their relationship.

Even though Tameka has spoken about this topic with her sons’ in the past, she feels like now, more than ever, would be a good time to address these things again. The only problem is, at this point, she’s not sure how to.

Tameka’s father would talk alot about the Black Panther organization, their relevance in the community and how the police treated them.

Deep down inside she wants to tell her boys to be fearless and not allow anyone to disrespect them but realistically she also feels that when dealing with the police, that type of thinking can lead to a very bad outcome.  


How do you think Tameka should handle talking to her sons’?

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