Family Building 101: Placing Value On The Two Parent Home

As a child, I never lived in the household with my father. The structure of my house consisted of my mother and two older brothers. In my neighborhood, most of the households were set up the same way, no man present.

When we look at the Black family today, there are no doubt systemic inequalities that have played a major role in how we socialize with one another. The crack epidemic, the privatization of prisons, along with the negative effects of the welfare system all played a major role in creating the single mother phenomenon that still cripples our community to this day.

Not only did this put alot of our women in the unfamiliar position of acting as mother and father but it also taught a generation of kids that both parents weren’t needed in the home. So, what can be done to rectify this problem? What can we do collectively to get our community out of this situation?

African American family making sandcastle together on the beach — Image by © Ian Lishman/Juice Images/Corbis

In my opinion, there needs to be value placed on creating and cultivating the two parent home. Of course, this process starts long before you have a child. Establishing a solid “adult” relationship with your partner should be the first step.

All too often we decide to have children before fully embracing or experiencing adulthood, leaving us ill-equipped to raise a child. So, take the necessary steps to prevent having a baby until you’ve established a healthy, loving relationship with your partner. Beleive me, the happiness of your future family depends on it!!!

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