What’s The Scenario: Giving In To Peer Pressure


Monique is a 16-year-old high school student. So far, it has been problematic for her to have a relationship with a boy without him yearning for something in return. Even though she makes it a point to tell all her male friends she doesn’t want to have sex.

To make matters worse, all of her friends are currently sexually active, one of them has even gotten pregnant. Monique’s plan had been to complete high school before she became involved with anyone sexually. Her mother bore her first child as a teenager and that’s not something she wanted to repeat.

Recently, her friends have begun asking her questions about her sex life. Monique doesn’t want to tell her friends about her plan to wait, she’s fearful of becoming an outcast. At this point, she is considering just doing it so everyone can leave her alone.



What advice would you offer Monique??? 

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