Weekend Activity Tip #24: Showing Support For a Incarcerated Family Member

Activity: Supporting family that’s incarcerated

Location: N/A

Cost: Whatever you can afford

Age: N/A


Unfortunately, many families in our community have either had direct or indirect contact with the criminal justice system. Whether it was a close family member or someone that lived up the street. Typically, you were knowledgeable of someone that had been to jail.

Living in an economically deprived neighborhood produces alot of unnecessary crime which in return creates a strong police presence in our communities. Just because someone may have made a mistake and are being punished for it by the system, doesn’t mean we should forget about them and do the same.

So, this weekend its worth attempting something a little different. Get the information for a family member or someone you know that’s incarcerated. Figure out a way to do something thoughtful for them.

You can arrange for one of your kids to make a nice card, or even compose a letter. In these situations, it’s genuinely the thought that counts. Besides, the example we establish for our children should inevitably be on our minds. Showing support to our brothers and sisters who have become a victim of the system is an essential element of our community becoming healthy again.

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