What’s The Scenario: Dating A Man In Jail

Samatha is a mother of two. Mike, who is the father of her two children, has been in and out of jail there entire relationship. Growing up, Mike lived in an extremely dysfunctional household, surrounded by drugs and violence.

Because of this, he began selling drugs at an adolescent age using the money he earned to take care of himself and his younger brothers and sisters. Even though this was all he knewhe understood at some point going legit was the only option. 

Mike even decided to take a couple of business classes to prove to Samatha he was determined to get out. Recently, while trying to help out a friend in need, he found himself at the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Now, Mike is back behind bars and facing 10 years based on his extensive jail record. Samantha definitely feels like in this situation the system failed him but still doesn’t know if she could wait on him for that amount of time.

What advice would you offer Samantha?


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