What’s The Scenario: Dealing With Racism In Public

Darnell is a 22-year-old college student. During a much-needed break from his classes, he decided to gather with a few friends at a new restaurant that opened up by his school.

Arriving a few minutes ahead of the schedule, he decided to get a table and wait for his friends. When Darnell asked to be seated, he was greeted by a rude employee who advised him there weren’t any tables available.

Not believing what he heard he took one more look at the half empty restaurant. Now, his school was in an all-white community, so he used to getting certain looks but he never had an experience like this.

When Darnell tried to point out the fact that the restaurant had open seats available, he was told to calm down. The manager appeared from the back of the restaurant making Darnell feel as if something was going to get resolved…wrong.

The manager arrived prepared to send someone to jail. He pulled out his phone and threatened if Darnell didn’t leave, he was calling the police. To make matters worse, on his way out the door he could hear the manager saying “Why do they always try and eat here.”

What should Darnell do?

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