What’s The Scenario: Talking About Racism With Your Children

Cedric is a 32-year-old father of two boys. With the climate in the country being so tense lately, his sons have begun to ask questions about racism and why particular people believe what they do.

As a child, Cedric’s parents didn’t discuss racial politics nor did they provide him with information about the specific issues that plague black society. Because of this, Cedric has never felt the need to form an opinion about these issues. 

In his mind, racism didn’t affect him personally. Recently, after witnessing the onslaught of racially related incidents as well as electing Donald Trump as president, he knew America had a problem with race. 

Now that he is more knowledgeable about what’s going on, he thinks it may be time to acknowledge some of his son’s concerns. However, he‘s not sure how. Attempting to explain such critical information to such a young impressionable mind is undeniably an enormous responsibility.

What advice would have for Cedric on how to proceed?

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