What’s The Scenario: Dealing With The Consequences of Immature Sexual Activity

Timothy is a high school senior with hopes of going to college after he graduates. Timothy currently has a girlfriend who he has been involved with since his freshman year. Even though they made the decision to be sexually active, they also agreed that having a child right away wasn’t in the best interest of the relationship. 

He would typically wear condoms every time they had sex but once she informed him of her birth control use, he began to slack off. Well, that proved to be a terrible idea because he is three weeks away from graduating and just received a call from his girlfriend informing him that she was pregnant. 

The most confusing part of the situation is the fact that she wants to give birth to a child after all of the discussions they’ve had about not being ready. On top of that, she informed him her mother didn’t believe in abortions, so that wasn’t an option. 

Timothy’s father wasn’t around when he was growing up so he had no plans of running out on his responsibilities. However, he isn’t prepared to have a baby and she wasn’t either. The fact that Timothy doesn’t feel as if he has a say in the matter, makes it harder to deal with.


What advice would you offer young Timothy?


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