What’s The Scenario: The Dangers of Turning Grandma into Mom

Shameka is a 33-year-old mother of two sons. Her oldest son is 14 years old and her youngest is 10 years old. She has never been in a relationship with the father of her kids, but they try their best to co-parent.

Currently, Shemeka’s only source of income is welfare and the child support check she receives from her kid’s father every month. Unfortunately, she feels like the money she gets is enough, and getting a job isn’t necessary.

To make matters worse, she has been living with her mother for the past 4 years. Her mother didn’t have a problem with it at first, she loves her grandchildren and wanted to help.

However, once she noticed that Shemeka didn’t plan on moving out it became obvious to her that there living arrangement was hurting Shemeka more than it was helping her.

The dynamics of the relationship between Shemaka and her sons was changing as well, they were beginning to see grandma as the authority figure.

Their mother’s lack of responsibility and unwillingness to create a stable environment put grandma in an awkward position. She was now required to step out of her more comfortable role as grandma, and step into the motherly role her grandchildren needed.



What advice would you offer Shemeka to help her get back on track?


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