Weekend Activity Tip #29:Having Discussions as a Family

Mixed-race family at home on sofa

Activity: Necessary Conversations with Children Involved.

Location: At Home or Wherever your Comfortable.

Cost: Time.

Ages: This is Based on the Maturity Level of your Children, but we recommend 10 years old and up.


Parenting in itself can be a very difficult job. A critical part of that process involves both parents working collaboratively with one common goal, achieving what’s best for the child. 

Now, this process can be difficult for all parents, but when your not under the same roof, the need for an open and consistent line of communication is a necessity.

In most cases when you have two parents who are no longer in a relationship the children are forced to frequent two households instead of one. 

In some instances, this can cause confusion for the children involved, and understandably so. Dealing with two sets of rules, two sets of expectations, dealing with certain things that may be allowed at one house, but not at the other.

In addition to that, if the two parents are not on the same page and choose not to communicate effectively the children will be stuck in the middle, and ultimately forced to choose sides. 

So this weekend, decide on a location, sit down and have that much-needed conversation to clear the air with the mother or father of your children. 

Make sure your children are present and involved in the discussion, it’s important that they witness healthy dialogue between their parents. 

This also may be an excellent time to resolve any issues your children may have with either of you, just to ensure everyone is on the same page.   

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