What’s The Scenario: Creating The Proper Balance in your Household

Shelia wasn’t sure what to do, her only son Michael, who recently turned 11 years old has been giving her problems and things seem to be getting worse. Michael is the youngest of her three children and because there is no man in the house, he spends most of his time in female-dominated situations. 

After the relationship with her children‘s father dissolved Sheila jumped into her next few relationships to quickly and doing so had a negative impact on her children, especially Michael. At this point, it’s obvious that he needs more of a male influence in his life. Sheila has noticed things about him lately that has her worried. 

Not only has he taken on some of the same mannerisms as his two older sisters but also some of their feminine characteristics. The fact that Michael’s father currently lives in a different state makes it impossible for him to provide the type of help that he needs. 

Sheila attempted to put him in sports, so he could remain active and be around men, but he wasn’t interested. Sheila understands there are certain things only a man can teach a boy, but she doesn’t want to risk bringing the wrong energy around her son.

What advice would you offer Sheila to help with Michael?

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