What’s The Scenario: Assuming The Role Of Step-Father

Father And Son Sitting On Sofa In Lounge Reading Book Together

Marcus couldn’t be happier. After several years on the dating scene, he finally found a woman he was ready to settle down with. In his eyes, Melissa was everything he needed: smart, funny, goal-oriented, not to mention fine as hell. 

The fact that she had a son didn’t alter the way Marcus felt about her, but he had to admit, things were getting a little rough. Melissa’s ex-boyfriend, who was also her son‘s father, put her through a lot of mental and physical abuse. All of which her son Sam, had to endure as well. 

Sam is a good kid, but he has expressed conflicting feelings about his father who he currently, didn’t have a relationship with. Not only was Sam becoming disrespectful towards his mother and Marcus, but he was also falling behind in school. 

Marcus has been attempting to develop a meaningful relationship with Sam, but it’s become painfully obvious he wasn’t ready. Marcus had plans to propose to Melissa soon, but now he wasn’t so certain. 

Even though they have been in a relationship for three years he began thinking that Sam may need more time. Marcus grew up with a step-father he didn’t get along with, that’s not the experience he wants Sam to have.

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