Family Building 101: Growing Together; Not Apart

There’s no denying the fact that growth is necessary. As we experience life and began learning new things, it’s inevitable. Now granted, this may not be the case for everyone. 

Our experiences, as well as our ability to learn from them, play a big role in our personal development which may cause some of us to grow faster than others. This isn’t merely something we deal with on an individual level. The same type of growth and progression should happen in our intimate relationships too. 

At the beginning of a relationship, we typically have discussions with our partner about our dreams, aspirations, and ultimately, what we want out of life. However, things rarely develop exactly how we intended them too and sometimes you must make adjustments based on a new set of circumstances. 

Going through new experiences can change your path in life, which isn’t necessarily a harmful thing but if you’re in a relationship, all that needs to be communicated. You never know, your partner may see things differently or quite possibly not understand the new direction you’re going in. 

So, frequently having detailed conversations with your partner about new perspectives and ideas can go a long way toward strengthening your bond as a couple and hopefully allow you to grow together….not apart.

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