What’s The Scenario: Attemping To Stay in a Relationship For The Sake of The Kids

Damien was having a difficult time understanding how he and his high school sweetheart Sonia got to this point. After eight years of being in a relationship together and creating two beautiful children, they were at a crossroad. 

When they first got together it felt as if all their dreams and aspirations were in alignment. Now that they were doing a little better in life and had the means to move to the suburbs, away from the neighborhood they grew up in, Sonia made it a point to talk negatively about their upbringing when around “new friends.” 

Their initial plan was to go back into their neighborhood and start programs to help remedy some of the issues the community faced. Sonia wanted no parts of that now. She would frequently say.” If we did it, why can’t they” and that bothered Damien. 

The way she looked at life changed since they became successful. It has gotten to the point where sleeping in the same bed didn’t even feel right, so they slept in separate rooms. At this point, they were only talking to each other when it was concerning the kids. 

Damien didn’t grow up in a house with his father, so he vowed to never leave his family the way his father left him. However, it was getting more difficult for Damien to stay in a home with someone with that mentality. He was fearful that some of that negative energy they were displaying between each other would rub off on the children sooner or later.

How do you recommend Damien solve his problem??


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