Weekend Activity Tip #31: A Trip To The Ice Cream Parlor

Activity: Going to an Ice Cream Parlor.

Age: All Ages.

Cost: No more than $10 per person.

Location: Ice Cream parlor in your area, preferably one your children has not been too.



With summer now in full swing, most kids will be bombarding their parents with suggested ways they would like to spend there free time.

Whether it’s sports, visiting a friend, going to a nearby pool or enjoying one of the many forms of entertainment your city has to offer, you’re sure to be busy the entire summer.

However, in the midst of your hectic schedule, get your family out of the heat one day and try something different. Find an Ice Cream Parlor, preferably one your family hasn’t been to before.

Not only can this activity be used to broaden your families horizon’s but also as a way to have meaningful dialogue about specific issues that may be on your children’s mind. Sometimes, creating a fun and relaxed environment is just what your kids need to open up.

Don’t Forget to have fun and take pictures!!!

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