Justice Dept. Decides to Re-open Emmett Till Murder Case

The federal government has decided to re-open the case of murdered teenager Emmet Till. In 1955, a white woman named Carolyn Donham, who was 21 years old at the time, accused 14-year-old Emmet Till of grabbing and whistling at her. Three days later, the battered body of Till, was found in the Tallahatchie River.

The woman’s then-husband and another man was charged with murder but acquitted later that year. The Justice Department said in a statement Thursday that it was reopening the investigation “after receiving new information”.


The question then becomes, What new information? For our government to act as if racialized killings are not a part of American culture then, and now, is laughable.

Four months after the widely publicized trial, look magazine published an account of the killings they said they obtained from Donham’s then-husband, Roy Bryant, and his brother, J.W Milam.

In the article, the men admit beating Till and tossing him in the river, weighed down with a 74- pound cotton gin fan. The reopening of this case should feel like a slap in the face to any living members of the Till family.

The Government is completely aware of the fact that all suspects and witnesses, in this case, are no longer living. Makes you wonder what’s the true motivation behind this decision.








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