Weekend Activity Tip #32: Picnic at a Historic Park

Activity: Picnic at Historic Park.

Location: A Historically Relevant Park in your City.

Age: All Ages.

Cost: Only Currency Needed is Time.


When is the last time you took your family on a good old fashion picnic? For most of us, at some point or another, we’ve spread a blanket down at a park were familiar with and allowed our children to have fun as we prepared a picnic style meal (i.e. sandwiches, chips, fruit, cooked food, etc.). 

Being in such a calm natural environment also can set the stage for meaningful dialogue amongst family members. So, this time change things up a bit. Pinpoint a park that has a rich history and possibly some landmarks. 

While your family eats, you can discuss with your children what they have learned while being there. Even though enjoying the summer and having fun is probably your kid’s number one priority, if they can learn something in the process, it’s a win for everybody. Don’t forget to take pictures and have fun!!!

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