What’s The Scenario: Dealing With Addiction In The Household

Deon didn’t know what to do. One day while looking eagerly for his phone charger in his mother’s room, he undoubtedly made a shocking discovery. 

He picked up a motivational book she had on her dresser and a small bag of a white powder-like substance fell out. Up to that point, he hadn’t seen any drugs of that kind, but he knew what it was…cocaine. 

Instantly, everything was beginning to make sense. After his dad left four or five years ago things have been difficult for his mom. Even though she had a job, it seemed as if she never had money. No money for food. No money for school clothes. No money to go anyplace. 

Every time Deon asked for money she never had any. To make matters worse, the house was always dirty, and she seemed to constantly be in a terrible mood. For the longest, he thought that maybe she was depressed or conceivably just enduring a frustrating time of her life. 

Now, all signs lead to drugs. Deon knew he had to do something. However, he was only 15 years old and didn’t think his mother would listen willingly to him if he approached her about it.

What advice would you offer Deon?

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