6-Year-Old Black Child Banned From Attending Christian Private School Because of Dreadlocks

A 6-year-old black child was told Monday that he couldn’t attend school because of his dreadlocks.  A Books Christian Academy which is located in Apopka, FL, would not let Clinton Stanley Jr. attend first grade at their school unless he cut his dreadlocks. The school administrators claim the short hair policy, as well as their dreadlock ban, has been in place since the 1970s and it’s generally a rule all Christian schools abide by.

“I respect their rules but it’s not right,” Clinton Stanley Sr, told the newspaper. “Allow kids to come as they are. You are a Christian school, in the bible it says, come as you are. You deny a kid an education on his hair?

Stanley Sr. also filmed the moment when his son was preparing to enter class on the first day of school only to be told he couldn’t attend because of his hair. ” My son was just now told he can’t attend this school with his hair,” his father says into the video. “If that’s not bias, I don’t know what is…..that’s crazy.

Stanley Sr. can be heard asking the school if he could braid it up an is told “No” and referred to the school handbook, which explains dreadlocks are not allowed. The father stated that he would have never enrolled his child in the school if he knew their policy.

The video sparked a backlash from people in the community. Book complained about receiving harassing phone calls. One man even threatening to burn the school down. “I’ve had all kinds of ugly, obscene calls” a school administrator stated. Stanley Sr. has since enrolled his son into a local public school that welcomed his son with open arms.


6-Year-Old Barred from Entering Florida Christian School Because of Dreadlocks


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