High School Students In Sacramento Suspected of Posting Video With Racial Slurs

The Sacramento City Unified School district is investigating two of its students for allegedly posting a video with racial slurs in it on Instagram, Superintendent Jorge Aguilar wrote in a statement on Wednesday.

The nine-second video which was originally shared on Facebook by members of Black Lives Matter Sacramento. The video shows a male and a female teen wearing blackface. In one scene, a male voice can be heard saying “I don’t think this bird like niggers”. In the second video, he says ” Hi niggers” while a female voice is laughing in the background.

District spokesman Alex Barrios said the district believes the two people in the video are students at C.K McClatchy High School but has yet to determine their identities.

“I am aware that two students from our district posted an inappropriate video on social media using racial slurs and other racially insensitive behavior,” Aguilar said in the statement. ” Our district takes very seriously and finds unacceptable the use of racial language and behavior by any student, employee or member of our school community.

The district said the Sacramento police department has also been contacted regarding the video, Barrios said

One of the “big questions we’re looking at” he said, is whether the students in the video are 18 or older. If they’re not, they have a greater right to privacy, potentially prohibiting the district from releasing many details to the community, he said

Here’s a thought, maybe if the schools provided a detailed course of study on the ugly history of racism and how it has been intertwined into the fabric of this country the students would have a greater understanding how damaging that way of thinking can be. So, while this video is definitely disturbing, we will undoubtedly continue to see this type of unacceptable behavior until America is ready to deal with our race problem in a transparent and honest way.






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