Young Girl Recovering After Brutal Attack By Stranger Left Her In Need Of A Heart Transplant

A young girl from Fort Wayne, Tx named Dorinka Uwimana is currently recovering after being attacked on her way to school. 

On April 9, the little girl was walking to a school bus stop when she was approached by a strange white man later identified as Terry Wayne King II.

“He told my daughter. I need help. My daughter said. Right now, I go to school but I can give you help, which help you need?” said Uwimana’s father Twizere Buhinga.

King choked, beat and forced the 13-year-old Internationally Newcomer Academy student to the ground. However, Uwimana was able to escape from King and run to the nearest bus stop. The bus driver then called the police.

Authorities say the young girl wasn’t sexually assaulted, but the lack of oxygen she suffered from being choked severally damaged her heart.

“The heart is not working good, lungs not working, lungs working a little bit,” Buhinga told Fox-5.

Dorinka and her family moved to America to get away from the violence in Congo. Her new heart will hopefully lead her on the road to recovery. The recent arrest of the suspect will also bring the family some closure.

Last month, Fort Wayne Police arrested Terry Wayne King II For the attack. He faces felony charges.







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