What’s The Scenario: Dealing With Racism In School

Calvin is a 36-year-old father of two boys. After several years of working hard at his job, he was finally capable of moving his family to a more spacious home in a much more affluent neighborhood. 

Granted,the community he moved into had primarily white residents, that didn’t bother him. He felt as if he deserved to be there just like everybody else. Everything was going well until his twin 13-year-old sons began coming home from school with horrific stories about how they were treated at the predominantly white school they attended. 

They’ve barely been at the school for 3 months and already witnessed students dressing up in blackface, racialized hazing, as well as, their own lockers being spray painted with the word “nigger” in bold letters. Calvin has talked to the school administration about these racialized incidents and besides a couple of students getting suspended, nothing has come of it. 

Recently, one of his sons was locked in a bathroom, and urine was thrown on him. A fight broke out between his son and one of the kids involved. After it was all said and done the other kid had to go to the hospital and, to make matters worse, the police were called, and his parents are pressing charges. The school is also threatening to expel Calvin’s son if he doesn’t agree to apologize. 

After everything that has transpired, there’s no way he is making his son apologize. What’s wrong is wrong. However, this is the best school in the district and one of the reasons they moved into this community. He would hate for his kids to miss out on an excellent education because of the ignorance of other people.

How would you recommend Calvin respond to the school’s request?

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  1. Suggestions based on similar experience: Go to the principal, go to the school district rep. for your area, go to the school bard meeting & sign-up to speak. Go to juvenile court if necessary, and ask that your child receive counseling rather than any other form of intervention from them for “more appropriate” ways to deal with bullying & harassment. Decide if you want to fight for change at that school ie., US Dept. Of Ed, Office of Civil Rights(https://www2.ed.gov/about/offices/list/ocr/index.html), or research next best school option for kids! No matter the school choice, fight the expulsion on merits of racism and self-defense with child’s unaddressed emotional trauma at school as an issue. Attorney’s assistance an option as well. Best to this Family (Double standard Discrimination: You a free to live where you want/can afford, but at an additional cost!

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