Video Shows Black Father Being Tased By Michigan Police Officer While Holding Two Month Old Baby

A video that has gone viral appears to show a Michigan police Officer tasing a man who is holding a 2-month-old baby. The incident took police on Friday, Aug 17 at a home in Westland, Michigan where the residents were having a barbeque. Witnesses said police arrived becuase of a call about a fight.

“We were just barbequing, and we saw the cops come up” neighbor Kelvin Williams said. “They came up and asked us who was fighting. We were like, “You got the wrong house.”

Williams said they didn’t know what the officers were talking about.

“At that point, my friend Ray got a little agitated like your coming over to my house, my property and you’re asking me about something I don’t know about,” Williams said.

According to witnesses. Ray Brown then began to argue with police officers. Williams said that’s when he decided to start recording with his cell phone.

In the video, officers tell brown that he is going to be arrested. Then told someone holding the baby to get him out of there.

“Get the baby out of here, Get the baby out of here,” a police officer said.

“That’s my child. He can be exactly where he’s at. Give me my child, Give me my child,” Brown said.

Officers then approached Brown with their taser’s out. Nichole Skidmore, Brown’s girlfriend, and mother to two-month-old Christopher then come to try and get the baby.

In the video, it appears that Brown is still holding the baby when and in the middle of handing the baby to Skidmore when he is tased by officers.

“I had to catch the baby,” Skidmore said. ” I was in the street talking with cops. I had to come over. The taser is on this side of him, and the baby is over here. As soon as they start tasing him the baby flew out of his hands and I had to catch him”

Brown was arrested and placed in custody soon after.


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